Memories: Europe

Hola chicos,

While the global pandemic, COVID-19, ended my program abroad much earlier, I will forever treasure the memories I made in Europe. Therefore, I would like to share a quick snippet of some of my favorite trips in Europe.

Paris, France

The first country I set foot on was France. My stay in this country lasted about five days. It was before the start of my study abroad program. Finally seeing the Parisian architecture in real life felt so surreal. The buildings were indeed as beautiful as people say they were. Paris was one of my favorite cities in Europe.

València, Spain

Valencia, Spain was my program site. It might seem like an exaggeration, but I quickly fell in love with the city. The friendliness of the people complemented the beauty of the city. The history and culture of the city was one of the richest I have ever known. Everyday was uniquely different from the day before.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

After a long week, I decided to go on a solo travel to Switzerland. Prior to my trip, I did not know anything about Switzerland. I was extremely surprised to find out that the west side of Switzerland spoke primarily French. Lake Geneva had a different ambience to it, one that makes you feel relaxed, especially after a stressful week. However, it is less affordable than most European cities.

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